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Nothing is cooler than Liebherr, available at selected Kitchen Things showrooms nationwide

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Liebherr Style

Liebherr is recognized globally as one of the world’s best refrigeration brands. Known for innovation and technical sophistication as well as clean and modern aesthetics. Their range includes refrigerators, fridge freezers, freezers, and wine storage. With over fifty years’ experience in creating innovative and attractive refrigeration products, Liebherr is your first choice for bringing European style and design to your kitchen.

Liebherr is available online and in-store from Kitchen Things. Come in-store to speak with a trained sales consultant about which Liebherr products are right for you.

Liebherr Technology: NoFrost

The evaporator in the NoFrost module generates chilled air which circulates throughout the freezer cavity and freezes your food. Moisture collects at the coldest point - the evaporator keeps your freezer compartment frost free at all times through its intelligent system which automatically decides when an automatic defrost is needed and expels humidity.

Liebher Technology: BioFresh

Liebherr's BioFresh climate zone perfectly compliments the conventional refrigeration compartment. With Power Cooling technology, cool air is circulated through the Biofresh drawers and then into the main cavity which keeps your fresh fruits and meats at the optimal freshness temperature of use over 0 degrees.


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