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Schwan style will complete your kitchen renovations, available right now at Kitchen Things

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Schwan Style

Convenient, efficient and safe: that’s Schwan’s guarantee for their hot and cold filtered water system. It’s convenient because you can have hot steaming water instantly for teas, coffees or rinsing and dishwashing, as well as instant cooled and filtered drinking water. And it’s cheaper to run than boiling the jug, making it super-efficient. What’s more, the cool to the touch spout and child safety button on the lever make it very safe to use.

Once you’ve tried the Schwan filtered water system you’ll be converted so check it out in one of our nationwide stores.

Schwan Hot and Cold Filtered Water System

Every day you’ll find new uses for your Schwan. Apart from the obvious convenience of filtered steaming and cool water on tap for tea, coffee, and refreshing cool drinks, you’ll discover so many more applications for the instant hot water function—from rinsing dishes and cutlery, to blanching vegetables and everything in between.


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